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Porto is a magical city in which each street offers you a different perception, and this is why at Cliphotel we suggest you discover the every last corner. This city with a cosmopolitan spirit and bathed by the waters of the Douro River, will undoubtedly surprise you. 

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Historic centre of Oport

Historic centre of Oport

Walk, live, taste and listen through the streets that form the old town. Throughout the historic centre, a World Heritage Site by Unesco, you will find a thousand places to admire. Some of them are:

- Praça da Batallha. A historical place since there the inhabitants of Oporto fought against the troops of Almanzor. Today also attracts visitor’s attention by trams, another of the symbols of the city.

- Church of San Ildefonso. Very close to Praça da Batalha, this church will call your attention for its tiled facade in white and blue tones.

-Torre dos Clérigos, a tower of baroque style that capture attention to everyone who walks through the city. From the top of the tower you can see a panoramic view of the city.

- Small shops and bookstores like the Livraría Lello e Irmao , famous for being its stairs one of the inspirations for the creation of Harry Potter, you can enjoy its beauty as well as literature.

- Estação Ferroviária de Porto-São Bent. If in a place where returns are celebrated and farewells are accepted is full of emotions, this station gives you even more emotions with its tiled mural, an art exhibition in a curious space!

- Oport Cathedral. From the 12th century and at the top of the city, you will be able to appreciate the different architectural styles, the result of renovations made over the years. Admire its facade and interiors and visit its cloister and its Mannerist style chapels.

- Bárrio Ribeira. Stroll along the banks of the river Duero and its colourful houses. Here you will find different bars and restaurants as well as enjoying the views of the Luis I Bridge and Vila Nova da Gaia with its cellars.

Bolhao Market

Bolhao Market

This market is an essential place to experience and appreciate the essence of Porto. The market is on avenue of Aliados and has been held since 1914, which makes it an emblematic market where you will find fresh products such as fruit, vegetables and meats ... or even textiles or other utensils. But also plants, flowers and life!

In addition, you can taste the exquisite Portuguese cuisine; there are bars and restaurants distributed throughout the plants of the market.

Wineries and gastronomy

Wineries and gastronomy

With different wineries, you will be able to appreciate the sweet wines of Oporto designation of origin.
Know all its wineries, some of them are very characteristic for its architecture and discover a little more about the development of this wine.

As for gastronomy, eating in Porto is a luxury for our palate. In addition to the famous bacalhau, you cannot miss some of the regional dishes such as the Francesinhas, the Caldo Verde or the Tripas à moda do Porto. And for dessert, the national sweet cream cake pastel de nata or the ovos moles.